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The 17 Day Diet is a four cycle diet plan that uses calorie restriction and shifting to help people reach and maintain their goal weights.  We are going to take you through the different cycles so you will understand how this diet works.

Accelerate Cycle – Days 1-17

For the first seventeen days of the diet, you will follow the Accelerate cycle.  This stage was designed to eliminate weight as quickly as possible.  People can lose up to 15 pounds during this phase.

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Before you start following the 17 Day Diet plan, it’s a good idea to understand how it works. The 17 Day Diet focuses on three concepts, which are calorie restriction, calorie cycling and exercise. We are going to explain each of these concepts, and show you how they pertain to the 17 Day Diet. Then, you will have a strong understanding of this system. At that point, you will be able to decide if this diet is right for you.

Caloric Restriction

The 17 Day Diet consists of four cycles, all of which use calorie restriction to some degree. During the first cycle, dieters only consume around 1,200 calories a day. This allows people to lose weight quickly. In fact, dieters have lost as many as 15 continue reading…