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If you are thinking about starting the 17 Day Diet, you need to fill your cupboards with the appropriate foods. It’s easier to stay on a diet when you have everything you need at home, so we are going to help you by providing you with a 17 Day Diet shopping list for the first cycle of the diet.  Simply write the items down and go out to the grocery store.  Pick everything up, and you will be ready to start the 17 Day Diet tomorrow.

17 Day Diet Shopping List Cycle 1

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The 17 Day Diet is broken up into four cycles.  Three of the cycles contain unique foods, while the fourth cycle consists of foods from the first three phases.  We are going to provide you with recipes for the first three cycles of the diet.  Once you make it to the fourth phase, feel free to incorporate any of these 17 Day Diet recipes into your meal plan.

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Cycle 1 – Balsamic Mustard Chicken

During the first cycle of the 17 Day Diet, your body is going to learn how to live without lots of carbohydrates and processed foods. You can make this process easier by eating delicious dishes, such as balsamic mustard chicken.

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